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    Enhanced Audio Productions is a recording, mixing and mastering company from Umeå, Sweden. The company's headquarters is situated in the legendary Garageland studios founded in the early 80's. The studio was previously occupied by bands like Meshuggah and The Facer. The recording room is newly renovated and the sound is now more alive. The control room houses a Soundtracs Quartz 32 Channel Console. We use state of the art DAWs and the best plug-ins from Universal Audio, Solid State Logic, Slate Digital and Waves to give you the best sounds possible.

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  • Services


    With cutting edge equipment and software at our disposal, we are prepared to welcome a wide variety of artists and bands to our recording studio. However, even the greatest producers, sound engineers and equipment can only take you so far.
    Before entering the studio, please consider these advices.
    - Bring your instruments in top shape and make sure you have extra strings, drum heads, sticks, picks etc.
    - Make sure you are fully rehearsed. This will save you precious time since it will cut down on takes.
    - Plan your time. A careful schedule helps you keep within your budget.


    Already have a recording but need help to mix it? No problem. Send us your audio files and we will make it sound excellent. Here are a few guidelines to look at before you send us your music. All tracks edited and all alternative takes and unused stuff removed. Name all equal tracks the same name for all songs. For example, name the left guitar LGIT on all songs and not LGIT on one song and LEFTG on others. If the tracks are not edited, E.A.P can do it for an extra fee of 800 SEK/track. Drums must have Ddrum mic signals. Cymbals close miced. DI and amp signals on guitars and basses. Drums have to be neatly edited, if not E.A.P can do it for an extra fee (800 SEK/track)


    If you have your own mixdown on file, you might feel that the sound is not as massive and polished as you desire. Enter the mastering process. Using top shelf plugins and products, we can enhance your mix to the professional sound worthy your music. If you want to send us your recording for mastering, please ensure that the file is saved as a valid soundfile running at 44,1khz/24bit. The master CD is delivered on CD-R or DDP.

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  • Equipment


    Soundtracs Quartz 32 Channel Desk
    Mac Pro quad core
    SSL Alpha Link AX Converter
    UAD-2 Duo
    UAD-2 Solo


    Genelec 8050A
    Dynaudio BM5A


    4x Golden Age Preamps (Modified – Neve style)
    ART Tube preamp


    TK Audio BC-1 MK II
    DBX 163 x2
    DBX 266
    RNC 1773


    Pro Tools 10
    Cubase 7
    Logic Pro 9

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  • Equipment



    Neumann TLM 103
    Neumann KM184
    Oktava MK-012
    Brauner Valvet Tube Mic
    ADK A-51
    2x TSM MT87


    6x Sennheiser MD421
    10x Shure SM57
    2x Shure SM7
    EV RE-20
    2x Audix D6
    AKG D112


    2x TSM MT84
    3x TSM MT82

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  • Equipment



    Waves Gold bundle
    UAD-2 plugins
    Slate Digital
    Wavemachine Labs

    Samples and misc

    Toontrack complete library
    Steven Slate Drums
    PRO Custom Drums
    LSD Samples
    East West Silver Symphonic Orchestra
    East West Vapor

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  • Equipment



    Tama Superstar Hyperdrive
    10” 12” 16” 18” toms
    24” kick
    Gretsch Legend Brass 14x6.5 snare


    Mesa Boogie 4x12 cabs
    Ampeg 1x15 cab
    Marshall JCM 800 2203 Tapp Amps mod
    Randall Thrasher
    Peavey 6505
    Peavey Windsor
    Mesa Boogie MK IIB

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  • Clients

    Here is just a selection of our clients.

    • Aeon

    • Apostasy

    • Body Farm

    • Daemonicus

    • Hate Ammo

    • KroW

    • Meshuggah

    • Officium Triste

    • Persuader

    • Pray For Locust

    • Souldrainer

    • The 11th Hour

    • Toontrack

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  • Labels

    • Cosmos Musicgroup

    • Cyclone Empire

    • Departdead Musicgroup

    • Gain Music Entertainment

    • Inner Wound Records

    • Metal blade Records

    • Napalm Records

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  • contact info

    Phone: +46 (0)76 135 77 66

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